As a seasoned land and property firm in Indonesia, we are experienced in giving legal opinions as well as advising and representing State-Owned Enterprises and private national and foreign companies on the procurement of goods and services. We also experienced in giving legal opinions and advising on legal compliance of the corporation of the Right to Manage (Hak Pengelolaan, HPL) with the property companies, both landed property and high-rise building property, with other private companies. We also advising our clients on concluding the corporation agreements, such as Joint Operation Agreement, Build Operate Transfer Agreement, Build Transfer Agreement, Build Transfer Operate Agreement, etc.

For almost two decades, we experienced serving the clients with full-pledged IP spectrum services to protect our clients’ interests in Indonesia. As one of leading firms in IP prosecution and litigation in Indonesia, our lawyers have represented clients both IP prosecutions, litigations, and ADR.

We regularly advise and represent clients since IP prosecution, giving them in-depth legal advices on how to protect their IP assets and interests in Indonesia. In terms of I litigation and ADR, we advice and represent clients on how to seeking and recovering damages from IP piracy, counterfeiting and disputes. We aim to help the clients maximise its IP portfolios in Indonesia as well as in other relevant countries, and bring the in-depth and comprehensive solutions which applicable to maximise the clients’ IP portfolios.

As a specialty from our firm, besides serving full-pledged IP spectrum services, we also have Comprehensive IP Management Solution to protect the clients’ IP portfolios and interests with tailor-made and all-around IP solutions specifically designed for  each client, entertainment, and media services in which the firm is a pioneer of entertainment law office since 2000s in Indonesia and Digitalization and IT services in which the firm focusing on protecting the client’s IP portfolios and interests in digital world.

Our firm experienced representing creditors and debtors in bankruptcy and suspension of debt payment cases in the commercial court. Our lawyers have the legal and practical knowledge to ensure our clients’ interest in bankruptcy and suspension of debt payment process. We regularly act as a receiver, administrator in bankruptcy or suspension of debt payment process and regularly represent debtors/ creditors in a contentious bankruptcy/ suspension of the debt payment. We have extensive experience in protecting, managing and enforcing our clients’ assets, securities and outstanding in the bankruptcy process.

Our lawyers also serve as counsel to debtors and creditors in out-of-court debt restructuring. We are not only represent corporate entities but also individuals with goal to prevent bankruptcy.

For two decades, we have and outstanding record in commercial dispute resolution and litigation. Our lawyers have represented clients in a commercial dispute and litigation in relation to shareholder disputers, default of the contract, unlawful act (tort) claim and enforcement of court/ arbitration decisions.

We regularly advise and represent clients since the pre-litigation profess. We aim to achieve out-of-court settlement for our clients and provide innovative solutions in a dispute settlement. Our lawyers also have experiences in national and international arbitration cases. We represented clients as claimants or respondents in BANI Arbitration Center.