Our lawyers have outstanding records in solving commercial disputes and experienced handling variety of high profile and complex cases. Our lawyers have represented clients through all Indonesian industry sectors from the State Courts level, Administrative Court, Commercial Court up to the Supreme Court, as well as in multi-jurisdictional litigations. Over the years, we have handled wide variety of cases in commercial dispute involving in a commercial dispute such in relation to shareholder disputers, merger & acquisition, default of the contract, unlawful act (tort) claims, internal corporate fraud, labour issues and the enforcement of courts’ verdict.


Our primary focus for alternative disputes resolutions is on commercial disputes and arbitration. Our lawyers represent clients in the arbitration forum, and we extended a prominent reputation for expertise to appear before the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI). Our lawyers’ specialists in counsel work and performed in the complex area of the enforcement of Indonesian law.


We have a long experienced and practice in serving our clients with full-pledged IP spectrums’ services to protect our clients’ interests to register their assets under Indonesian Regulation to avoid misuse. Our clients have bestowed their trust in our ability to guide them through Indonesia’s IP regulations.

As one of leading firms in IP prosecution and litigation in Indonesia, we are giving advice and represent clients on how to seek and recover damages from IP piracy, counterfeiting, and disputes. We aim to help the clients maximise its IP portfolios in Indonesia as well as in other relevant countries and bring the in-depth and comprehensive solutions which applicable to augment the clients’ IP portfolios.

We have set a strong benchmark to give preferential services, besides serving full-pledged IP spectrum services, we also have Comprehensive IP Management Solution to protect the clients’ IP portfolios and interests with tailor-made and all-around IP solutions specifically designed for each client. Our services for IP commenced on entertainment, and media industry, in which our firm is a pioneer in entertainment law field since 2000s in Indonesia. Presently, we are also aiming to provide digitalization and IT services with the focus to protect our client’s IP portfolios and interests in digital sector.


Our services encompass private, domestic, and multinational companies in all significant economic sectors, covering all essentials aspects for the establishment and operation of a business in compliance with Indonesian Company Law. This includes drafting applications for investment approvals and business permits, as well as drafting Articles of Association, joint venture agreements, and other corporate documents. We work conscientiously with our clients to provide practical, customized solutions that further their business objectives. We ensure to provide the highest level of service across all legal disciplines.


Our firm has notable media practices and familiarity in all matters relating to IT and e–commerce transactions – cellular, submarine cable, satellites, protection of data transmission, broadcast television, e–commerce transactions and others.

We have represented prominent company in the submarine telecommunication cable issues in front of the Administrative Court and Indonesia’s Authorities.

We are advising clients on the regulatory aspects of the latest technological developments, the licensing, and protecting their digital properties. Since our establishment, we have been intensively involved in all aspects of the regulation regarding the Indonesian telecommunications industry, and we also have been recognized as one of the leading information and technology legal practices in Indonesia.


Consumer protection is a significant topic for the business community, which is never separated from the society consumption activities.

Indonesia has dynamic business atmosphere and in the longer term, businesses continually assess new products, technologies, and geographies as means of growing brands. In accordance with this business cultivation, our clients’ businesses must be able to work with increasingly interventionist regulators to maintain consumer trust, to safeguard their brands, and to secure a competitive edge.

As part of our concern to the corporate good governance practice, we have expertise in the application of Indonesian consumers protection statutes. Our team works professionally to provide advice and services including to ensure the company business practices complying with consumer protection law, and advising on all elements of e-commerce (i.e. online terms and conditions and website terms of use) with respect to business activities in Indonesia.


Since 2001, our Firm has been actively provided legal services in the entertainment law industry, especially for television programmes and music industry.

Our lawyers accompanied the broadcasting rights’ licenses for “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” quiz programme in Indonesia. Furthermore, we were also appointed as the lawyer to many television programmes as in reality shows, game shows and infotainments.

We were assisting many musicians as in group bands and singers related to shows and recording contracts for years.

On 2023, we are a part of International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL) as the only member from Indonesia. With the proliferation of technology development, we are ready to serve the entertainment business in this digital era.

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